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Security and Transparency

ExCraft is committed to user security for safe, reliable, and provable trades. We use third party penetration scans, financial audits, and blockchain reward issuance.


As one of the fastest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, ExCraft's microservice-based architecture scales beyond 10 million TPS.


Embracing decentralization, ExCraft is proud of its unique exchange pool mechanism. You can build your own exchange, define your own custom token market and get rewarded for trades in your pool.

Team Members

Roy Lam kt is an early Bitcoin investor, investment fund manager and a member of Mensa – the world’s premiere high IQ association. Roy is well known for his role as a team captain on "The Brain", a competitive Chinese television show hosting contestants with extraordinary brainpower and talents. Roy Lam is monikered with the nickname "The Cleverest Man in Hong Kong". In the 2010 Memory Championships he achieved the "Top Asian Record Holder" for "Random Words (English)". Amongst his other accomplishments, Roy has appeared as a speaker in the TEDx series.
As the CTO of ExCraft, Benjamin Chodroff oversees the project’s technical and strategic direction. Ben has over a decade of experience, multiple patents from his time at IBM as a Senior IT Architect, and worked as the CTO at ClearObject – an IoT and Cloud Solution developer. Having first become interested with Bitcoin in 2010, Ben has been deeply involved in the research and production of distributed ledger technologies. Ben is a graduated of Case Western Reserve University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.

Strategic Investors